There are many reasons to love living in Georgetown. In this post, I share a few things I love most of all. Here's my take as a wife, mom, and working Realtor.

My family and I moved to Georgetown, Texas from central Austin in October 2018. At the time, we were a family of three—myself, my husband, and our six-month old son. We moved from a split-level, limestone 1980s home in Northwest Hills to a recently remodeled Georgetown single-story.

Our neighborhood reminds me of the one I grew up in—kids ride through the streets on their bikes, neighbors know and look out for one another, I belong to a neighborhood book club. Oh, and folks drive around on golf carts. That’s different from my childhood neighborhood, but a welcome addition.

During the first few years of living in Georgetown, our time was primarily spent parenting a toddler, advancing our careers, and preparing to welcome our second son amidst a global pandemic. We were #busy.

Since then, things have leveled out a bit and we are in a steadier routine, both as a family and within our community. Some folks have asked why we chose to make the move from Austin to Georgetown as a young, professional family. I’m happy to share our considerations and why I am SO happy to reside in Georgetown today!

Georgetown is one of the best Texas cities for families

When people think of Georgetown, it’s typical for Sun City and Southwestern University to come to mind. Sun City is an age-restricted community for folks over 55 and Southwestern is a private, liberal arts college—the oldest university in Texas!

So yes, Georgetown has significant college-aged and senior populations, but generationally, there are also plenty of residents who fall in the middle. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s population estimates from July 2021, 47.3% of Georgetown residents are between 18 and 65.

So if you have a family and are looking to move to or visit Georgetown, you’re not alone—read on!

Things to do in Georgetown with kids

In no particular order, here is a (non-comprehensive) list of places we often take our boys in Georgetown. These are our tried and true spots—places we enjoy time and time again.

Berry Springs Park and Preserve

This park is a Georgetown gem. Berry Springs Park and Preserve is never busy, incredibly beautiful, and offers so many fun, easy activities for families—picnic under the expansive Pecan trees, hike and bike the trails, camp, fish—you name it! There are even two donkeys who live onsite, Lil’ Bob and Pedro. They’re friendly and adore kiddos who offer them a handful of grass.

Garey Park

If you haven’t watched this video about the Garey family and how they donated their beloved ranch to the City of Georgetown, watch it. The story is moving.

Knowing the history of Garey Park and the people behind it adds to my appreciation of its thoughtful planning and beauty—all 525 acres! Seeing my boys delight in the playscapes, zip lines, and splash pad at the Play Ranch is so sweet, every time. The grounds are impeccable and the playground is not to be missed!

You can also fish, hike, picnic, ride horses, or access the San Gabriel River from within the park. Here’s a map that tells the story better than I could.

The main picture at the top of this post is of my family when we were a family of three at the Garey House. This was Jack and Camille Garey’s personal home which now serves as a magnificent indoor/outdoor event venue. (Thank you, by the way, to Melanie Applegate, for the beautiful photo.)

Sweet Eats Fruit Farm

Without fail, we visit Sweet Eats every year. How could we not? The fall is a fabulous time to visit when the weather cools down and pumpkins are ripe for the pickin’! This place is VERY fun with loads of attractions and things to do—corn mazes, wagon rides, petting zoos, bounce houses, pig races, face painting, obstacle courses, food trucks, pony rides, live music… the list goes on!

There are other seasonal events like Easter egg hunts in the spring, the Sunflower Festival in the summer, the Fall Festival September through November, and the Winter Festival November through December.

I’m having flashbacks to a Father of the Bride quote, “This house is warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and looks spectacular with Christmas lights.”

Sweet Eats is that kind of place.

Georgetown is conveniently and centrally located

Want to go to Austin? Waco? San Antonio? Dallas–Fort Worth? Houston? Fredericksburg? Check out the commute times to these other popular cities:

Commute times from Georgetown

  • Georgetown to Austin (easy access via I-35 or SH-130): 30min
  • Georgetown to Waco (we love Cameron Park Zoo and the Magnolia Silos): 1h 10min
  • Georgetown to San Antonio: 2h
  • Georgetown to Fredericksburg (hello Texas wine country!): 2h
  • Georgetown to Dallas–Fort Worth: 2h 30m
  • Georgetown to Houston: 3h

Not bad, right?

If I need to travel south to Austin, I can easily pop onto I-35 or SH-130. 130 is the fastest route through Central Texas. Seriously, its speed limits go up to 85 mph and it’s safe. There are far fewer crashes on the toll road than on the interstate. SH-130 conveniently feeds into Georgetown and is my prefered route into and out of Austin. I think the tolls are worth it, especially when the traffic on 35 is heavy.

Because, yes, I live in Georgetown, but sometimes I still like to shop at the Domain!

Georgetown is growing

In May of 2022, the U.S. Census reported Georgetown to be “the fastest-growing city in the U.S. for cities with a population of more than 50,000.” As of 2022, Georgetown’s population is roughly 75,000.

“Georgetown continues to attract new residents for the same reasons many of us moved here—good jobs, safe neighborhoods, and unbeatable parks and events. But all those things may not be as important as the sense of community you feel when families gather on a Saturday afternoon on our Courthouse lawn or dance in the street at our annual Red Poppy Festival. People don’t just move here: They fall in love with this town.”

– Mayor Josh Schroeder

Source: City of Georgetown, Texas

Georgetown has a rich history and a bright future

As both a resident and Texas Realtor, I welcome the growth. Settled in the 1840s, this town is home to many historic neighborhoods which maintain their historic charm. Our square is dubbed “The Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas” and it really is quite fun to stroll around and frequent its many shops and restaurants. And if you have an affinity for chocolate, check out Kilwins while you’re there.

City leaders continue to prioritize infrastructure and long-range planning for transportation, utilities, and economic development. The city’s ever-expanding food scene also doesn’t hurt.

Georgetown is a big city with a small town feel

All things considered, the thing I love perhaps most of all about Georgetown is its small town feel. I grew up in Bay City, Texas (population 18,000)—a place with 76% fewer folks than Georgetown. I appreciate the slower pace of life a small town can offer. I enjoy the community, the shorter commutes, and the opportunity to have a little more space (acreage, square footage, or otherwise).

If there’s anything you’d like to know about living in Georgetown, please don’t hesitate to reach out—I’m an open book. I’d love to help you in your home search, whether it be in or around Georgetown, Texas.